Transferring an eBook to a Kindle vias USB

To continue downloading your selected eBook onto your Kindle via USB cable, follow the following steps.  Once in the Bookshelf screen, click Download.


Once you’ve selected “Confirm and Download” your browser should take you to  Scroll through the list of options and select “Transfer via Computer”.


Choose the Kindle device you wish to read the eBook on.3choosedevice

Check your downloads toolbar (located beneath the page) or the downloads folder located within My Computer for a file of the book. 4savefile





Once you’ve located the eBook file, plug in the Kindle using USB cable. 6connectkindleUSB

Double click on the Documents folder of the Kindle’s content.7documentsfolder

In the Documents folder you will find files for whatever is currently on your Kindle.  8downloads

With both the Kindle’s Documents and the computer’s Downloads folders open, drag the eBook file from your computer into the Kindle Documents.  It should then appear as the last item within this folder.  9gonegirlkindle

Eject your Kindle by right clicking- eject.  10ejectThe eBook should now appear on the home screen of your Kindle eReader.  You may have to synchronize or check the wireless connection if the book does not display promptly.