Stream and Download Music with the Freegal App

Freegal Music gives you access to over 9 million songs from over 28,000 labels including the Sony Music catalogue of your country.

How Freegal Music Works:

  • Library users have a weekly download limit, and may have a streaming limit as well. You will be able to keep track of your downloads in the upper right corner of the site. The downloads on this site are all in the MP3 format.  This service will work on almost any computer, player, tablet or smartphone. The Freegal Music mobile app is free in the Apple® App Store and in Google® Play

What you’ll need:

  • a computer, tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android operating system
  • valid MMSCL library card

Step 1: Search for “Freegal Music” in your app store1appstore

Click Get App and then Install2install

Enter your zip code or city and press Go3zipcode

Choose the Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library4chooselibrary

Enter the number on the back of your library card and click Login5cardnumber

Agree to the provided Terms & Conditions6terms


Welcome to the main display for Freegal Music!  There are multiple ways to browse and search within Freegal.  You can select a song or artist that’s featured on the homepage, or you can use the magnifying glass at the top right to conduct a search. 8mainscreen

Browsing- On the bottom toolbar, look for the Browse tab.  This will bring you to a screen consisting of Top Artists, Top Songs, Top Genres and Videos that you can scroll through.11browse

Searching by Artist– If you want to perform a more specific search, click on the search icon, type in the name of the music artist and click go9hoziersearch

Results for this artist will then populate.  To start streaming a song, press the blue arrow to the left of the song title.  Freegal will verify that you wish to stream this song, click yes.


If you want more than just an individual song from a select artist, you can search for an album to stream.


Downloading- If you wish to download a song, click on the Black and White arrow to the right instead of the blue arrow in the left column.  You are allotted five free downloads per week.  17downloading

Freegal will keep track of how many free downloads you have left for the week.


You can also create playlists with Freegal!