Overdrive eBooks on a Tablet or Smartphone (Apple, Android, Windows)

Required: Valid Library Card, Adobe ID, Overdrive Media Console App.

Installing required Software: Requires the Overdrive Media App and an Overdrive ID.

Go to the “App store” and download the Overdrive Media Console App.

overdrive logo

Install the software and open the app.


Click, Continue to open the app.

2_Continue to login

Here is the main platform of the app. First, we need to create an Overdrive account.

3_Overdrie account setup I

If you do not see this menu, tap the menu button, which is circled above. Now tap, “Account”.

4_Click here to create overdrive account

Tap on “Use OverDrive Account” and fill out the short form. Once your OverDrive account is established you should not need to enter it again.

5_Select a library

Now tap, “Add a library”.

6_zip code copy

Then, enter in your zip code and tap, “Search”.

7_list of Libraries copy

Find your home library from the list and tap it, in this case, Mastic Moriches Shirley Community Library.

8_Saveing your library (tap the star)

Once you have tapped your home library, you will see Live-brary.com, this is our digital branch. Tap the star to remember this selection, then touch “Live-brary.com” to proceed.

9_click account

You are now on the Live-brary.com site, click the link for your Account.


You will now need to sign in to Live-brary.com. First, choose your library from the drop down menu.

11_type in your card number

Now, enter in your library card number and check the box that says “Remember my login information on this device”. Now tap, Sign in.

12_Your account

This is your bookshelf. Here you will find books waiting to be downloaded along with settings, books you’ve placed on hold, and your account settings.

Tap the Live-brary.com logo in the top left of the screen to return to the home page.

13_Home screen navigation

This is the main page of Live-brary. To look up a book title, author’s name, or keyword use the search bar. Tap in the search bar to begin.

14_Home screen navigation


Once you have entered in your search, your results page will look like this. On the book cover, in the upper right corner, you will see a small icon of a book or headphone (audio book). If the book is gray, the item is unavailable, if the book is black, the item is available.

On the left side of the screen you will also see a gray menu. Here, you can limit your results for easier browsing. To limit the format, choose epub.15_Navigating search results


If you tap on an item that is unavailable, you have the option to place a hold on it.

Simply tap the blue, “Place a hold”, button and you will be prompted to enter your email address.16_Click place a hold



Enter in your email address, this is how you will be notified when your item is available. Then check mark the box that says, “Automatically borrow this title when it becomes available”, and the item will be delivered to your Overdrive app as soon as its available.17_entering email for hold


If the item you want is available, simply tap on the icon of the book, then tap, Borrow.

You will be taken to your bookshelf.

18_Checking out a book pt I

Once in your “bookshelf” you will have several download options. Some books will have a “read in browser” option. This requires a device with a up to date web browser (tablet, pc, etc). This will not download the book and requires an internet connection for reading.

19_checking out a book pt II

To down load the book, tap the blue “Download” button, this will open a drop down menu listing the format options.

Make sure you have chosen, EPUB, then confirm your selection by tapping “Confirm & Download”.

Downloaded titles will appear on your bookshelf in the Overdrive app.

If you are not automatically taken back to your Overdrive app bookshelf, tap the menu button, then select, “Bookshelf”.

20_Getting to the Bookshelf

You can then read your book by tapping on the book cover.

Under the icon, you will also see the title, author, and how many days until your title expires.

21_navigating in book

To open your ebook simply tap it and it will look like this.  You will see the two black menu bars at the top and bottom of your page. After a few seconds, the menu will disappear. Simply tap the middle of the page to make it reappear.

The top bar has your Overdrive menu. Go here to return to exit the book. Your page will be saved.

The bottom bar has settings for your book, like font size and background color.


Lastly, ebooks can be returned early by using Overdrive Media Console App.

Press and hold on the image of the book you would like to return . Choose Return.

The book will be removed from tablet and will also be removed from your account at