One Click Digital Audiobooks on a PC

OneClick Digital is our newest eAudiobook collection.  OneClick offers an exclusive collection of over 4,400 titles which are not available through Overdrive. To access OneClick Digital from your computer go to ocd1

Create or sign into your accountocd2

This is the main layout for OneClick Digital.  Featured titles will be presented on this main page.  To view more audiobooks, scroll down or click on the See More button.  ocd3

You can also search directly for a book title, author’s name and even by narrator by using the search bar located at the top of the page.  There’s also a an advanced search option.ocd4

For example, here are the results for an author search for Stephen King audiobooks.  ocd5

Click on a title to view more information such as a description, chapters and summary. Change your loan period to your preferred setting, OneClick Digital allows titles to be checked out for up to 14 days.  ocd6

Click on the yellow Checkout Now button.ocd7

If this is the first time using OneClick Digital on your computer you will need to first download a Media Manager.  To listen to your audiobooks select either the Media Manager for Windows computers or the Media Manager for Apple computers.  ocd8

The Media Manager program will take a few minutes to install. ocd10

The program will now be installed on your computer and you can log in using the same username and password combination you previously set up.ocd11

Any checked out audiobooks should now show within the Media Manager program.  If not, click on the Refresh button next to the Live-brary logo.  To start playing a title, click the Play button and that audiobook will quickly download and begin to play.  ocd12

Select the Chapter button to skip to another portion of the book.  You can also increase or decrease the speed of the audiobook.  Within the Media Manger, click the Return icon to return your audiobook earlier than the loan period.  oc14

To search for more titles simply click on the search bar at the top right and you will be brought back to the OneClick Digital website to browse.