Non-Kindle Black & White eReaders

Devices: Nook (black & white), Sony, Kobo & most black & white eReaders. For black & white Kindle Readers, click here.

Formats: Adobe PDF, Adobe Epub
Required: Adobe ID, Valid Library Card, Home Computer or Laptop
Software: Adobe Digital Editions

Additional Information: The Nook devices must be tethered to a computer using a USB cable provided by the manufacturer.

Installing required Software: Nook products require Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe Id to be installed on a Home Computer or Laptop. This software will be used to transfer the eBooks to your Nook.

Download titles at Lī

Software Installation:

To register for an Adobe ID, go to, then click on  “sign in” located on the top right corner of the page.
adobe id

Then click “Don’t have an Adobe ID?” 


Fill out the information requested to create an Adobe ID.

adobe id form

Keep a copy of your username and password.

On the website download the free Adobe Digital Editions Software.

Install the software and enter your Adobe ID.

Books will be downloaded and managed using this software.


To get started, go to from your Kindle’s Silk browser.  Click on Sign In in the top right corner.




This is the main screen for free downloads.  Click on the various tabs to get familiar with where to find your checked out titles, holds, wish lists, settings and more.


Use the search bar or the Advanced search to find a book.  You can also browse through the Featured Collections by clicking on the Menu tab.




Select Place a Hold and enter your email address for notification when the books does become available.


When the book is available for immediate download, select Borrow.  Live-brary will then bring you to the Bookshelf tab.






To down load the book, tap the blue “Download” button, this will open a drop down menu listing the format options.

Make sure you have chosen, EPUB, then confirm your selection by tapping “Confirm & Download”.

The file will appear at the bottom of the screen once it is downloaded click on “open” to open the file.



Adobe Digital Editions should open automatically your title automatically.

In the Adobe Digital Editions software click on the “Library View” button to view connected devices.

ade libraryscreenshot

Attach your Nook to your computer or laptop.

Your device will come up in the left hand column. If it does not appear, restart Adobe Digital Editions with the Nook attached.

book in to device

Grab the book on the right side of the screen and drag and drop it into the Nook icon with your mouse. You will see the file being copied.

Returning eBooks Early

eBooks can be returned early by using Adobe Digital Editions, using the following steps.

Attach your eReader to your computer or laptop.

Open Adobe Digital Editions.

Click on the arrow on the left of the title you wish to return.

Choose the “Return Borrowed Item”. The book will disappear from Adobe Digital Editions and will be inactive on your eReader.