Accessing Hoopla with a Smartphone or Tablet

“Bringing you hundreds of thousands of movies, full music albums, audiobooks and more, Hoopla is a revolutionary digital service made possible by your local library.”

Hoopla is a free digital service which can be accessed with your library card and your:

  • Tablets and Smartphones- Android (4.0.3 and up) , Apple (iOS 7.1 and later), Kindle Fire HDX only

To use Hoopla with your smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the free Hoopla Digital app from your app store. Search for Hoopla Digital, if there are no results matching the app and icon shown below, it’s possible your device doesn’t support this application.


Sign in or create a new account by selecting Sign Up.HooplaApp1

When registering for the initial time, select your library from the list.


Complete all account information fields and click Sign Up.appacountinfo

To get to the main menu, click on the blue three line icon or swipe to the right.  HooplaApp2

With the Hoopla app, you are able to temporarily download titles so that they can be accessed without internet or Wi-Fi connection.  Also, everything is played directly in the app, as opposed to opening in a secondary page or media player.  For example, search for a music album, click play, and your music should start immediately.


There are several ways to search for material on Hoopla.  To search, browse through titles by scrolling and swiping on the main page.  Try out the Recommended, Featured, and Popular selections.audiobooks

If you know specifically what you want, click on the search tool and search by title, artist, actor and more.


Once your results have populated, find and click on whichever one it is you’re looking for.  You can also filter the results to show only a certain type of medium: music albums, films, audiobooks, etc.



Borrowing Contentappborrow

After you have clicked on Borrow, you have two choices in viewing your content.  You can either Play now or do a Temporary Download.  Downloading in beneficial when you want to use your Hoopla content while traveling or when you’re without Wi-Fi.  The cloud icon with the arrow indicates downloading.


Temporary Downloading for later viewing

Once you’ve selected the download button, an orange bar at the upper portion of the screen should begin to form.  This will take a few minutes or longer depending on your internet connection.  Do not tap the download button again, this will cause the download to cease.


Once the orange line finishes, the item is now temporarily downloaded.  You can now switch your phone or tablet into Airplane mode and click Play.  The title should begin even without any internet connection.  This will only work for things that have been downloaded, everything else in the Hoopla library will be inaccessible.

Viewing your Titles and Favorites


Favorites are found directly below titles you currently have checked out.


There’s no need to return borrowed items with Hoopla.  Movies and TV shows will expire and delete themselves in 3 days.  Music albums expire within 7 days, and the loan period for audiobooks is 21 days.

For additional help with Hoopla, please call the Digital Services department at 631-399-1511 to set up a one-on-one appointment.