Kindle Black and White Reader

Downloading Library eBooks on a Kindle
(for Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, click here)

Devices: Kindle Reader (black & white)

Formats: Kindle ebook.
Required: Valid Library Card, Computer or Laptop, account
Software: none

Additional Information: Kindle titles are transfered to the device over a wireless connection. In some instances, titles may have to be transfered over a USB connection. Installing Required Software: No software is neccesary to transfer title to a Kindle


Go to the website. Click on the link for your account.


Choose your library from the “[select library]” drop down list.


Enter your Library barcode or username.


You will then be able to see your account information.


Click on the Live-brary logo to return to the main screen.
Search for books using the search box at the top of the page, or browse by titles from the home screen. You can also go to Advanced Search for further options.


Browsing, or even advanced searches can return multiple results. Kindle products can only download Kindle eBook formats. If you did not limit the format in an “advanced search” you can do so by clicking “Kindle Book” on the left side of the screen under “format”.


If you click on an item that is unavailable, you will be given the option to “place a hold”.

Add the item. You will be asked to enter your email address. You will be notified by email when a copy is available for borrowing.

place a hold_new

Once you have clicked on an available book, you will be given the option to “borrow” it.

Click Borrow.

click to borrow_new

You will be taken to your bookshelf.

Once in your “bookshelf” you will be able to download your title. Choose “Kindle Book”.


You will then be taken to the website. Sign in with your existing account.

Choose the specific device which to transfer your eBook.

 *On older model Kindles, it is necessary to transfer a library eBook by USB cable. Some publishers also require their books to be done this way, even on newer models.

CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED TO TRANSFER VIA USB, otherwise proceed as follows.


get your loan_new

You will receive an acknowledgment that the eBook has been transferred to your device.


Connect your device to a wireless network and follow the instructions on your Kindle to synchronize your device. The eBook will be immediately downloaded.


Returning Ebooks Early

Ebooks can be returned early by using “manage your Kindle” link in your account.

manage kindle

Click on the “Actions” button next to your title. All Library items will have the words “digital library” next to each entry.

Use the pull down menu to select an action.

actions menu

Choose “Return this book” from the menu.

return book

You will receive a confirmation screen. Click yes to continue.

The book will be removed from your Kindle and will also be removed from your account at Lī