Audiobooks for Mac /PC & Transferring to an MP3 Player

Devices: Computers & Laptops, mp3 player

Formats: WMA (for Windows PCs only)
MP3 audio Books (Mac or Windows PC)

Required: Valid Library Card, Home Computer or Laptop
Software: Overdrive Media console

Required Software: Overdrive Media console, and iTunes if using an Apple device 

Download titles at

Software Installation:

Go to Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click on Software.


Click on Overdrive Media Console.

overdrive softwear choise copy


Choose the appropriate software for the type of computer you have (Mac or Windows).

overdrive choose os copy

Once the Overdrive Media Console is installed, open it and click on tools and then windows media player security upgrade.

(If update dose not run automatically, click to run it here. This must be done in Internet Explorer.)

windows media upgrade copy


Once you have completed this setup, you will be ready to search for audiobooks to check out.


Go to the website. Click on the link for your account.


Choose your library from the “[select library]” drop down list.

mmsclss3 new

Enter your Library barcode or username.


You will then be able to see your account information.


Click on settings to change the length of time you can borrow material for.


The default for eBooks is 7 days, but most patrons prefer to set it to 14.lending period

Click on the Live-brary logo to return to the main screen. Search for books using the search box at the top of the page, or browse by titles from the home screen. Click on the Advanced Search for further options.



Browsing, or even advanced searches can return multiple results.  If you did not limit the format in an “advanced search” you can still do so by clicking “Audiobook”  on the left side of the screen under “filter search by ”.

audio book search narrow copy

If you click on an item that is unavailable, you will be given the option to “place a hold”.

Add the item. You will be asked to enter your email address. You will be notified by email when a copy is available for borrowing.

place a hold_rev


Once you have clicked on an available book, you will be given the option to “borrow” it.

By default the standard checkout time is 7 days, unless you have already modified it to 14 days in “my account” under “settings”.

Click Borrow.



Click on download. If more than one format is available click the check box next to the type of file you would like the book to download in ( MP3 is the preferred file type).

Then click confirm and download.



The Overdrive Media Console will open to guide you though the download.  Press OK when prompted.

odmc 1 step rev


Next, select the parts of the audio book you would like to download then press OK. (All parts are selected by default).

odmc select parts_rev


 Transferring to an MP3 Player:

To transfer the audiobook to a mp3 player, plug the mp3 player into your computer.

Then, in the Overdrive Media Player, select the book you want to transfer.

Click the transfer button. (iPod users must also have iTunes open)

transfer button_rev


Once you click transfer a prompt box should appear to guide you through the process. click next to continue.

transfer step 1_rev

The transfer wizard should automatically detect the mp3 player you have plugged in and ask you to select the parts of the book you would like to transfer (again, all parts are checked by default). Click next to start the transfer.

transfer step 2_rev

The audio book should now be on your device.