Accessing Hoopla Digital on Your Computer

“Bringing you hundreds of thousands of movies, full music albums, audiobooks and more, Hoopla is a revolutionary digital service made possible by your local library.”

Hoopla is a free digital service which can be accessed with your library card and your:

  • Personal Computer’s browser
  • Tablets and Smartphones- Android (4.0.3 and up) , Apple (iOS 7.1 and later), Kindle Fire HDX only

Using your computer, go to  Select Log In in the upper right corner.


Sign in with your existing username and password or select Sign Up Now to register for an account.


Next, click on the Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Library.  Hoopla3_done

Complete the following account information fields and click Sign Up Now.  


Welcome to the homepage of Hoopla!  Here, you will see the different categories of content that Hoopla offers.  Movies, music, audiobooks and TV shows will be listed vertically.  Hoopla displays their new and notable titles here but you can browse for more content by clicking on Browse All at the top right.Hoopla5_done

After selecting Browse All, you will see a further breakdown of content shown as Recommended, Featured and Popular.  You can toggle between these options for more results.  Hoopla6_done

You can also search by title, actor, author, series or subject by using the search bar.  Hoopla7_done

For this example, let’s search for the film, The King’s Speech. Hoopla8_done

Hoopla will give you a list of all things related to the search title.  Our search has returned with 19 results, the top one being the intended film.  kingsspeechResults

After selecting the material, you will see a title information page.  Here, you can find out a movie’s rating, time length, year, cast and more.  This is also where you check out an item.  To do so, click on the blue Borrow button.


The title’s information page will change from blue to green.  Select the Play button to watch this film in your browser.  (You may be required to download “Widevine Media Player” to watch movies on your computer).  Hoopla12_done

To return to your homepage, simply click on the blue Hoopla icon located at the top left of each page.  Once content has been borrowed, it will be displayed here under My Titles. 


Adding to your Favorites- With Hoopla, you can bookmark or favorite certain titles you wish to save or go back to.  By selecting Add to Favorites, the content will automatically be added to your favorites page.  This makes storing things for future use easier and faster to find.

In the title’s information page, click on Add to Favorites. 


Accessing your favorites is easy.  Click on the blue Hoopla icon at the top left of the screen.  Now, select My Titles- from here you will find all Favorited items below.  Hooplafaves

There’s no need to return borrowed items with Hoopla.  Movies and TV shows will expire and delete themselves in 3 days.  Music albums expire within 7 days, and the loan period for audiobooks is 21 days.


For additional help with Hoopla, please call the Digital Services department at 631-399-1511 to set up a one-on-one appointment.